The Guide

This is a replication and restatement of guidelines for writing on this magazine, with the added explanation of paid-for links.

Read first the mission statement, topic headers and descriptions. Does your material fit within these categories and is it oriented towards helping others?

Have you written for publication before?  What types of publications?  If you have written for online newspapers and magazines, did you have supervision and feedback.  If not, are you willing to learn, and take the time to master resources and style?

Online material that offers information and opinion, either or both, should have clear references and research material that relates to the topic.  The general rule of thumb is to use three resources; but in cases where the writer has direct knowledge from experience or direct contact than at least one reference may be used.  Are you willing to use evidence to validate your content?

Be factual, and check the background of resources used in writing. Other people should have the same opportunity.  Are you willing to offer people your background in a description where people may review it?  Anonymous writing is not accepted unless it is a specific assignment where others may be involved.  Articles not identified by the writer are produced by the editor of this publication, Carol Forsloff and any other editor who may be selected for a given area.  This is done because the magazine must continue to be active with articles several days weekly, some of which may need additional work, so the editor offers ongoing material,

This publication does not support paid-for links to businesses embedded in the content with writers paid to produce said material specific to those links.  The activity is against Google guidelines. It was done surreptitiously in previous months, which is the reason for this inclusion in The Guide, as it costs the site ranking and other losses.

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