Carol Forsloff, Publisher of the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs,  holds a Bachelors degree combining major emphases in political science, English and journalism from the University of Washington and a Masters degree from the State University of New York at Albany, with subsequent education in education, psychology, life care planning and forensics from the University of Florida, Duquesne University, California State College in Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania State University.  Her experiences includes more than 50 years of writing everything from brochures to magazine articles and books, a teaching career that spanned more than 20 years, and an additional 20 years of counseling that included life-care planning and forensics.

Carol also has worked on the sideline as a professional entertainer and commentator, with radio shows in both Honolulu, Hawaii and Natchitoches, Louisiana.  In addition she has professional experience in music that includes working with folk musicians in Seattle, Washington and country musicians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a female lead singer.  She has performed as a solo artist, playing a number of stringed instruments and singing over 70 years in small towns and large cities, from La Grande, Oregon to Hackensack, New Jersey and Hawaii. Her background in entertainment has allowed her to understand and embrace the needs of musicians and artists of various types as support for her work in writing about entertainment venues and other musicians.  She continues to perform occasionally with her husband who plays the accordion, harmonica and keyboard on Internet sites and occasionally at parties, meetings and special events.

The common thread of these careers is to form a solid background of education and experience to develop a magazine that includes many subjects.  Carol believes in writing about what she knows.

Contact her at or at or at the contact form on the main page of this site.  You may also call at 808-212-9037.  Carol welcomes the contribution of other writers, with quality and content the key to inclusion of any article for this new site.