This magazine is a collection of articles from several sites initiated by the author that continues the topic of humanitarian affairs.  It has been reformatted, and this new site continues some similar issues that have been covered in the former publications.  It does, however, represent a somewhat different structuring of material, with the outreach predominantly related to those human affairs that fall within humanitarian concerns.

Some of those concerns include the creative arts, as these help maintain an outlet for people to advance in areas of music, writing, and visual arts and/or help others learn some of these activities.  The magazine also includes lifestyle features, again that focus on customs and cultures and the diversity of our world, along with information that may be valuable for people in many areas.  Areas of social and economic justice, religion and ethics and the advancement of the sciences contribute to humanitarian affairs and are written about in this magazine.

Articles may be developed from collaborations, some individually and some by the editor; however writers contribute at invitation in different specialties on an occasional basis.

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