Monday, January 31, 2011

Natchitoches Parish and Storm of the Century

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According to national weather news
on the Internet, the "storm of the century" is poised to devastate a
region impacting millions of people in a swath of the country from
Colorado to New England, with the South poised for its share of problems
on its fringe.
While the middle of the country has been warned

to be especially wary about the upcoming storm, as the weather channels
are indicating severe conditions ahead, Louisiana and its southern
neighbors might not escape the wrath of this predicted storm. Weather
experts tell us it is likely to impact one-third of the United States.

far this weather has seen some winter storms, bringing high winds and
potential tornadoes to Louisiana, but a storm of the magnitude predicted
can have consequences into surrounding regions.

Louisiana is in the north central section of the state; and whereas it
is not in the bulls-eye of the storm range predicted, it has had
tornadoes in previous years that have wiped out homes in the town.
Problems are predominantly for the parish, where large areas of land and
trees can be hit hard during difficult weather conditions.

storm is scheduled to begin in earnest on Monday night and last through
Wednesday. Heavy rains and high winds, along with potential tornadoes,
are on tap for the region
involving Shreveport, Louisiana, as well north central areas that
include Natchitoches Parish all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana has its share of weather disasters, with high-profile problems emanating from tornadoes and high winds in recent years
. Three tornadoes touched down in the town of Alexandria, less than
an hour's drive from Natchitoches in December 2009. In January 2010 it
was reported at least one tornado touched down in Natchitoches Parish.

year the state has escaped the bulk of winter wrath so far, but the its
history of consequential weather in spin-offs from neighboring states
who get hit especially hard in winter, speaks to the need for
preparation and vigilance.

Weather experts tell us this storm is
expected to be particular strong and warn people to stay informed on the

progress of it as it begins its course on Monday.


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