Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free audio books help the over worked American appreciate literatureagain

Samantha Torrence - The modern information age has made time the most valued commodity for any individual. The general population has been inundated with information at such a high speed that the population is going into the direction of a Demolition Man type of Era. Americans have an increasingly short attention span due to the multitasking required of white and blue collar workers alike. That means information needs to be delivered in short bursts if read, or through the use of sound bites.

The lack of time and the expectation that one must use each minute productively for responsibilities has made the day seem shorter. There is less time in the day to sit down and enjoy a hobby let alone read. So how does the average American keep up with the continued education required to stimulate the brain and keep it active?

Perhaps the technology that has brought on the curse of too much to do with too little time can aid in keeping people abreast of the latest knowledge or at least exposed to the benefits of literature. Audio books provided through many different venues are a life saver for the busy person.  The purchase of an iPod or similar MP3 player can facilitate the inclusion of a good book or magazine into your day. Once you have a way to play Audio Books you simply need to purchase them. Websites like offer many different non-fiction and fiction books for purchase. A monthly membership fee gives you one book a month and 30% off for every other purchase.

If you are like many Americans and cannot afford a membership to a pay website there are other options. Many books that are in the public domain have been transformed from print to audio through Librivox. This website asks for volunteers to read these books and record them for posterity. There are many books available for even the cash strapped individual.

You can listen to your audio books while driving, eating, cleaning, or doing manual repetitive tasks. By listening to audio books you can still fit the culture of literature into your everyday life without sacrificing the time needed for home and career.