Thursday, March 22, 2012

Facebook Fandalism finds niche for new talent

[caption id="attachment_14834" align="alignleft" width="300"] Arrian[/caption]

Kevin Jess - Every night and day musicians around the globe are practicing their craft, learning to play, sing, and entertain hoping for that next shot at stardom, that next standing ovation or maybe just a few bucks in their pocket to last them until the next shot.

The competition is fierce with only a very few making the big time. For some the big time doesn’t matter, but rather the joy of singing or playing a guitar is all they want. They simply want to entertain, to perform and to do it well.

In today’s world musicians have a host of tools to help them on their way; they do not rely on word of mouth, as effective as it might be to tout their talents. Simply walking into a nightclub for instance, and asking the manager if they would like to hire them doesn’t cut it, and there’s no time for auditions anymore.

Social media sites such as Facebook as well as YouTube are often used to promote one’s musical talent but there is a new kid on the block that devotes itself completely to musicians.

Fandalism is the brainchild of Pud, a drummer from San Francisco, California. On Fandalism’s Facebook page he says, “I came up with the idea for Fandalism about a year ago when I was searching Craigslist for a guitarist to start a band with. I thought, Craigslist is so crappy. I wish there were just a database of every good guitarist in town. Then I could search it and find the best ones. I worked on Fandalism for about 7 months before I launched it 2 months ago. It's been really fun. I keep seeing crazier stuff and awesomer musicians on the site every day.”

One of the more recent musicians to join Fandalism is Arrian Denim Long-Sorochan from Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Arrian always has his music on his mind but pays his bills by cooking at The Port Pub, a nearby Bistro. His father bought his family their first guitar when Arrian was eight years old and he hasn’t put it down since. As a guitar player and singer, Arrian enjoys classic and southern rock as well as a bit of country, in particular, Johnny Cash.

At the age of 20, Arrian has already had his share of tragedy and triumph. In September of 2010 it was discovered he had a tumour on his right temporal lobe requiring brain surgery. It was removed successfully in February, 2011.

To find venues to play and to promote his music Arrian says, “I use Facebook to promote my giggin’ so people know where and when I’m playing. I use Youtube and Fandalism to share what I do. For example, I email an establishment and link my Youtube or Fandalism page to the email so they can see what I do.”

Among other venues Arrian is now competing in Westside Idol at Westside Charlies in New Minas, Nova Scotia. He says of the competition, “I play my songs hoping to win the grand prize of 750 bucks but also for the exposure it gives me to be playing there every Wednesday, it’s great to work with the other fantastic singers that are there.”

Arrian is an adventurous person and says in the future “ I’d like to book gigs across the country at some point playing from the east coast to the west coast and to see the country.”

Without musicians like Arrian the world would be empty and boring. Our quality of life would be very low so give them your support and most of all your applause. After all, that is all they really want.