Friday, April 20, 2012

Listen to the artistry of 'Sugar' music in all its wonderful ways

[caption id="attachment_15096" align="alignleft" width="180"] Sticky Sugar Yawroc[/caption]

Carol Forsloff - Making music for money is difficult these days, as folks all over the world will say.  But find a little "Sugar," and that music he makes promotes the rest of us to appreciate what a fellow can do with modern technology, the Internet and lots of talent with instrument, visuals and voice.

"27 years."  That's how long "Sticky Sugar" Hopkins has been playing.  He goes on to tell us, " I was going to take a degree in music,  but all that fell through. I became a guitarist one day when my father handed me a guitar.  He had got frustrated with stringing. It had nylon strings and a very wide neck. When I played my first electric guitar i just found it so easy to master."

Master is surely what Sticky Sugar is, with videos that have variety, color and musical excitement.  He can play his original music in ways that make folks tap their feet and yell for more.  Or he can take a Beethoven piece and own it, modern style.

Creative folks like Hopkins often find themselves frustrated in a world where anybody can.  And that's the trouble, not everybody can.  Everybody wants to, in some ways, stand out in an artistic way.  It is that rare person, however, whom one finds in unusual ways that generates such excitement that the discovery just must be shared.

I found that Hopkins fellow, who also goes by the name of Yawroc,  on Fandalism on Facebook.  I just looked him up, as I read a couple lines of a post and was curious as many might be, to hear and see videos with a variety of music, all played with distinctive cleverness and style, from blues to rock to that old man Beethoven.  Listen to the mundane become miraculous in the hands of a guitar prince who makes music in ways that many yearn to do and spend a whole life learning and still don't catch up.

That Sugar is in that 40-something age range, which means enough of life's seasoning to write and sing with experience.  Take a life that has had its share of knocks and tears, and you have some of the classic background many of the hard-time, great performing musicians had that spurs energy of tone and rhythm with a voice to match.  Elvis' and Roy Orbison, because of the sensitivity of their voices and their musical styles, are "Sugar's" musical heroes, among others.

Someone who has known Sticky Sugar and his music for a long time has this to say:  "Every once in a while someone comes along who creates an indelible impression in life. Yawroc Sticky Sugar Hopkins is one such person whose musical talent with the guitar creates a whole new dimension in the World of Music. As a brilliant, yet self taught musician, he has evolved through his own vision, creativity and self belief to be an outstanding and incredible artist..

It has been a tough road with many twists and turns and a few pitfalls, yet this guy has never doubted his own ability to succeed in what he does best – play the guitar , write songs and vocalize as the true professional he is. He will tell you that he has molded his style of playing through various great guitarists yet, his own sound is unique and instantly recognizable. As a singer/songwriter he evokes emotion and depth in many of his songs which will blend sweetly into the listener’s mood.

For those of us who have no musical ability there is a need to fill our aspirations through those who are genuinely gifted. Yawroc Sticky Hopkins is a musician who truly inspires with his unique blending of genres. His ability to create a beautiful and haunting ballad, a raw and mind blowing rock number or a melodious and catchy Blues number is what makes him such a versatile and creative musician. The time has come for Yawroc Sticky Hopkins to be recognized for what he is a consummate and total professional on the music scene."

Like this fan who writes so eloquently of Yawroc also Sugar, I have become a devoted one as well of a man with exceptional talent in a world where one has to look under lots of cabbage leaves to find the best.

So come with me and enter the world of wonderful, right at your fingertips, where you can linger awhile, then come back for more, because you'll be wanting more of that "Sugar" for all those better reasons.