Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peter Evans brings example of humanitarian and historical benefits of music

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Carol Forsloff------Among some of the unsung heroes in any culture are many musicians who write original music and offer their work freely, in dedication to helping others.  In a world where music is sometimes treated with cynicism, and where competition and focus is much on the young and often the transient, older performers who have tasted life in its abundance can convey feelings and bring attention to social needs.  That's the initial summary of the music of Peter Evans.

Evans steps out of the ordinary and the mundane to speak about the needs of the homeless.  In that way he joins the seasoned troopers like Willie Nelson, Barbra Streisand, Herb Alpert, and Bono from U-2 fame in being generous with this time, as they are generous with large sums of money.  To offer music is a step up to help others, for music carries a message in a different way than advertisements and speeches.

In addition to using music to call attention to social problems, like homelessness, those who bring this type of music elevate the music itself and become part of the history of it that reflects how it has been used to call attention to issues, to relate events and to become the repository of what happens today that people can learn about for all time.  Like books that stay with us, music that is part of that history, stays with us as well.

Honoring people who care for others through music is a reminder that service is important, and that every person has a role to play in service.  Some may work in the soup kitchen, others go out on the streets and render aid to the poor and the homeless.  Others, like Peter Evans, shine a light like a beacon of attention and hope that can raise our consciousness while offering the beauty of music itself.

Evans is a popular musician on a site called Fandalism, a man respected for his kindness and support of others and for his charitable giving by way of his original music.

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