Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mormon Church faces legal issues over accusation of having fraudulentdoctrines

Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah
Mormon Church in Salt Lake City
Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah[/caption]

A British court is taking up the case of a man who has filed suit against the Mormon Church, declaring it to have fraudulent doctrines.  The head of the Mormon Church, Thomas S. Monson is being asked to appear in court offer testimony about the allegation.

And Monson, who is considered to be God's Prophet on earth, says he will not appear in spite of any court summons.

The case is being highlighted by a Religion Blog who lists the Mormons as a cult and a deviation against the principle doctrines of Christianity.

The Mormon Church, however, has a site called MormonThink that discusses the attitudes about its doctrines and posts some of these, saying in defense of them, "Let the reader decide."

But what do legal experts say about this in England?  Most of them, according to the Washingt0n Post, believe it is unlikely that Monson will be extradited to face court and surprised that a summons was even issued over the claims of a former Mormon, who regrets having become a Mormon and embracing its teachings.

And if the man prevails in his lawsuit against the Mormons, how would that set a precedent for other disaffected former church members of any group outside mainstream religious groups to also be called cults and find themselves being sued in court?

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