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Dead Sea Scrolls said to be historically relevant guide to Bible

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Dead Sea Scrolls
Are the Dead Sea Scrolls key to Biblical understanding. or simply something to spoof?

Recent news examines these documents and modern day musings include many opinions about their meaning and relevance now.  Discussions about them are sometimes part of religious information, yet articles may also appear in the tabloids on everything from the best dietary guidelines to predicting world disasters.

Rev. Thomas Extejt tells us the Dead Sea Scrolls are key to understanding the meaning of the Bible and that they remain important in helping people understand their history and how it has shaped events.

Rev. Extejt is a Catholic pastor in Ohio.

Controversy surrounds the Dead Sea Scrolls as scientists and scholars, as well as ordinary folk, may consider religion just bunk and the Scrolls themselves part of the mythology produced by religion as a way to fool the people some of the time, in the way medicine men used made-up, make-believe potions to heal.

Rev. Exterjt offers the description that many people accept as authoritative, that they are ancient, having been dated as 200 BC and 100 AD, found by a Bedouin boy in 1947 that led to the further discoveries that continued until 1956 by archaeologists and were applauded as an important world discovery.   They are said by most experts, according to Exterjt, to be done by Jewish religious scholars who were part of a community on the shores of the Dead Sea who devoted to prayer and scholarship.  It was the location that gave the Scrolls the name and the considered opinion of their age archaeologists that led religious folk to consider them important in understanding spiritually-based information.

Exterjt observes that much of the Dead Sea Scrolls' content was found in fragments, leading to the belief of some people the Catholic Church knew of them and aided in a cover-up to reduce the possibility of their being found.  Many fragments were photographed and are now are found in some unified structure among University scholarly papers and research. Nine of these fragments were found in 2014, as reported by Fox News, as it was said then that the scholars had not recognized them immediately as belonging to the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

And while some folk question how the Scrolls were discovered and speak of the possibility to a Catholic cover-up, there are those who have studied them and debunk those claims as false, as discussions continue about whether or not the Scrolls are accurate and discovered as reported.

He says that regardless of how the Dead Sea Scrolls are used for predicting the future, and stretched to encompass the message and work of Jesus, that they are likely parts of the Old Testament material to help with an overall understanding of Biblical history based on the Old Testament works and that there is otherwise no reason to spoof the material as irrelevant or to make unsupported claims.

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