Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mr. Angel: A tender tale tells everyone the nature of great love

Carol Forsloff---Loneliness, despair, poverty happen to many people in life with images we see so often in almost every area of the world, now captured by a song in ways that make us feel we are that rejected individual whose special friend embraces without judgment and shows just what love might bring to take the pain away. 

The shiny golden retriever seems to glow with joy, that special friend that can greet an old man who goes home to an empty, brooding, dark and chilly place. The dog is there as a safe, soft corner and looks with eyes that see with trust and sympathy.  We feel this as the song unfolds, and as we do, the fears, the hurts begin to fade with time, just as we imagine it was for the old man whose dog became the everything that made his life worthwhile.

Tenderness and poignancy fill our pockets from Yates melody, even as the feelings from it seep into our own memories, especially if we have been abused or lonely ourselves.  The golden retriever represents the love that every woman, child or man must have to hold in times of grief.  And as we age, that kind of love brings ever deeper meaning to our lives.

Jason Yates, who has won numerous song competitions in the United Kingdom, where he lives, brings his strong vocal and production ability to this music that reminds us of innocent thoughts and hopes we all have for that something or someone who is always there for us even in hard times.  For as children we all remember those moments we were sad and something came and filled our empty spaces.  Then something came and took it all away. We grew older, and as we did, we learned even though our hearts can be filled again after we have lost, there are those special ones we never will forget.  It is an experience that repeats so many times, as surely must have happened with a tired and lonely man.

Love like the golden retriever has in this song never dies, as the memory remains.  It is something most of us understand, the need for good friends who offer unqualified love and someone like Jason Yates to sing his melodies.  It is the kind of love we can visualize in the shared embrace and affection of a boy and his dog, or an old man and a golden retriever, or any soul who needs a friend somewhere, some time or now.

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