Monday, February 23, 2015

What everyone wants is a 'Window in Heaven'

Window of Heaven--a vision in nature and in life
Carol Forsloff---The loss of a loved one can create initial confusion and grief, along with a mix of other emotions; yet most of us believe there is continuity in life, even as we wish we could have just a peek through a Window in Heaven, to see each other as we once were, expressed in the musical eloquence of Kenny Herbert and Roy Mathews.

Herbert and Mathews reminds us of what many people believe is true, that there is something beyond the grave where peace and love are infinite.  His vision of the Window in Heaven is the glimpse of eternity, where there is no time but now, even if that is forever,  And his desire to have that window to see the life of the loved one unfold again behind the veil of death is what most of us wish we too could have when we lose someone especially dear to us.

Herbert and Mathews write, "Like a rose in the winter, that withers and dies.  Like the passing of time, through an older man's eyes, You stay in my memory, that I know won't fade.  You'll always be with me.  You're never away."
 The lyrics dance with the soothing melody as we find our own memories seem to pass through our minds as we listen to Herbert and Mathews' song and wish we too could have that Window in Heaven as well to see those we miss, yet trust we will see again in some special and wonderful place.
"If I had a Window in Heaven for a day; if I could see you just one last time.  Oh, I would be happy to know you're okay.  Yes, a window would be fine." 
 These words take our wishes and give them special meaning, for often we say, at the death of a friend, a loved one, a family member, "If I could only see (him/her) one last time."  This common expression is shared by many, whether a death is sudden or prolonged.

Yes, a Window in Heaven would be fine encapsulates the idea that the lives we touch can be meaningful, that our connections continue and that we see in our memories the loved ones who have died through the eyes of eternal youth.  For in life, and in death, there is no age, no time, and the once more can be a minute, a day, a year or a lifetime.  We can feel the dead in all of nature that surrounds us, for that too is part of life, the kind that lasts forever.

Listen and love again, feel again and be embraced by the tenderness of word and melody of a talented composer who expresses for all of us what we most want, as we travel through our own lives, to have that Window of Heaven for ourselves and all we love.

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