Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leeward 'watering hole' offers Hawaii's best of aloha

Spinners cafe on the Waianae Coast
"Come on and sit down and join us here.  We have plenty of food to share after you have picked up your plate.  Lots of people to meet, and just sit and watch the ocean with the rest of us."
The friendly greeting from the group echoes through the small cafe, the Waianae 'watering hole' that is the best kept secret of new and old visitors, in the traditions of many places around the world.

The sun streams through the windows, with its diamond-like spears coming in with its warmth even as it touches the ocean in the near distance, as strangers and friends gather around a table, sharing what is called "empty your refrigerator" time, as a prelude to friendly chatter and great food.

No one knows for sure who started this friendly tradition, of people bringing others one by one into the circle of fun that makes a sunny cafe sunny both in spirit and form.  We sit down with the group and are quickly part of the conversation that avoids politics and tensions and instead focuses on the now and the beauty of the day.

The Spinners cafe is located on the Western tip of Oahu, near the boat harbor.  Here the fishermen and leisure boaters take their turns sailing along the ocean's rim, to fish or just for fun.

Here the youth learn how to sail those boats, as the elders bring their wisdom to teach them the how-tos and at the same time offer the advice of the older folk that pass to the youth the best of sailing tips and kindness.

The aloha spirit is captured at Spinners, representing both nature and man's best gifts of the Hawaiian paradise that is part of the joy of the Waianae Coast.  Tourists find the special attraction advertised in many of Oahu's brochures, the dolphin excursions and the whale watching tours that pepper the coast at various seasons of the year.  People come from all over the world to marvel over nature's best.
Tracy Kane, consultant and cafe cook and server, smiles with the spirit of aloha at Spinners

Stop by if you are in the neighborhood and join the beauty of man and creation, as the food is tasty, inexpensive and the kind that lends itself to the oohs and aaahs of appreciation, as residents share their knowledge of Hawaii with anecdotes that bring the stories of Hawaii that make visitor and resident alike feel welcome, as people form lasting friendships over the best of eats and everything at Spinners all week long.

It is aloha, the kind people dream about, that represents the old 'watering hole' of nearly every town and place.  Only here, however, the weather and the people make this a stunning representation of human and nature's love entwined.

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