Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hawaiian ethics leads to understanding the nature of human love

Gardens at Waianae Comprehensive, a healing center with the Hawaiian touch found in the essence of love
"She probably did not have much when she was a kid.  Women her age were raised to have babies and be quiet.  And she is poor, and her kids don't take good care of her either.  So we need to understand."

Michelle Perez is Hawaiian and then some.  The "then some" are those mixes with various cultural groups that make up most of the Hawaiian population in modern times.  Her philosophy represents the best of Hawaiian ethics, which means to look at all people with the eyes of ohana, or family.

Perez was speaking of a Chinese woman, 80 years old, that she and her husband, Joe, have befriended on many occasions.  The elderly Chinese woman has a raft of children, all adults and living on their own and a mentally challenged daughter who is deaf and unable to live independently.  Her days are spent caring for the daughter, as she does her household tasks in a townhouse in a multicultural setting.

The Chinese woman, whom we will call Linn, for the purpose of this discussion, occasionally borrows money from the Perez family in small amounts for laundry or small necessities.  She looks at the Valentine's Day gifts other women receive and asks for just a few flowers.  She asks for things with the wide-eyed innocence one might expect of a youngster, with a bit of the manipulation that goes with having little and never having much.

The Perez family understands that.  So despite Linn's idiosyncracies they look past those faults to the old woman's needs and her limitations. And for those theists who recognize the message in all of this, they look at Linn and others like her through the eyes of God, but in an ethical fashion that proves a lesson for us all.

Poverty is no sin to the Joe and Michelle Perez.  They understand poor.  They have lived with it.  And within their vision is the knowledge that Christ said caring for the poor is the key to heaven.  Do they read this in the Bible and then speak of their beliefs in some boastful way?  Not at all.  It comes from the blissful, innocent way many islanders look at others, as they recognize the fusion of cultures in Hawaii and understand the source of each person's status.  It is not an intellectual thing but an emotional and spiritual one instead.

It is a lesson on any day, how Christ's message of love is translated into action, teaching the neighbors, you and me, and all they touch, what caring for others is all about.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

'That Liquor Ain't Good for You'

Carol Forsloff--While some music performers use their talents to denigrate specific politicians in a toxic way, as does Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, others find ways to elevate one's thinking by examining social issues and elevating the ideas about what matters most in life, as is done often by Gene O'Neill.

O'Neill has the skills of guitar, vocal performance and writing that fuse ideas into songs that entertain while giving us that something good that makes us feel like we have learned, expanded our hearts and minds.  We soar with O'Neill on the wings of the good, looking at man with eyes that see the story and the whole of us, the very heart and soul of us as well, while using a variety of musical techniques and themes as the mechanism for the flight.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Is the world ready for a cyber 'Pearl Harbor?'

The man known as Mohammed Emwazi, "Jihadi John"
Carol Forsloff--Experts tell us the greatest threat to world security now is cyber terrorism; and with the uncovering of the identity of"Jihadi John," the ISIS member, Mohammed Emwazi, who beheaded citizens from a number of countries, the risk is underlined by the fact that he was studying computer sciences while becoming radicalized in Britain.  Is a cyber 'Pearl Harbor' possible?

The horror of beheading reminds us of the extreme measures used by terrorists to create fear.  But the perfect storm of problems can be caused by manipulating the money supply, power systems and government agencies by those with the sophistication with computers that can analyze and develop programs that are especially clever and difficult to detect.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pollyana people not too trusting or easily fooled

Carol Forsloff - Do people call you a "Pollyana," assuming you are so innocent you cannot tell when you are being duped?  Perhaps it is helpful to know science has found Pollyana people are actually better able to detect liars and not too trusting either.

Several years ago in a study done at the University of Toronto and published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal researchers observed being a Pollyana as an intelligence indicator.

Monday, February 23, 2015

What everyone wants is a 'Window in Heaven'

Window of Heaven--a vision in nature and in life
Carol Forsloff---The loss of a loved one can create initial confusion and grief, along with a mix of other emotions; yet most of us believe there is continuity in life, even as we wish we could have just a peek through a Window in Heaven, to see each other as we once were, expressed in the musical eloquence of Kenny Herbert and Roy Mathews.

Herbert and Mathews reminds us of what many people believe is true, that there is something beyond the grave where peace and love are infinite.  His vision of the Window in Heaven is the glimpse of eternity, where there is no time but now, even if that is forever,  And his desire to have that window to see the life of the loved one unfold again behind the veil of death is what most of us wish we too could have when we lose someone especially dear to us.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

U.S. citizens live with 'emotional terrorism'

Officers at DHS
Carol Forsloff---For years Homeland Security, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have said right-wing extremist groups and militias are a serious threat, as some of their members attempt recruitment online, even on blogger and newspaper sites, creating a form of “emotional terrorism.”

After an article on this site, a reader wrote in the comment section:
There is one issue that he has initiated (although inadvertently) that will make a percentage of the population of the U.S. safer sumdum, and I suggest you find your state branch.
 The 'Patriot' Movement Explodes. There were only 149 Militia groups/patriot groups in 2008. The American trust in obama has sent that number into a chain reaction of epic proportions and is growing momentum by the day. There are now as of 2011 1,274 and counting. Many have networked and are merging.

obama really is bringing True Americans closer together!