Friday, January 30, 2015

What value do grandparents have in family relationships

Grandparents have qualitative and quantitative value

Carol Forsloff  Grandparents may be more valuable than many people think.  In fact not only is there emotional value in having grandparents, but the value can be quantified as well. 

The value comes with child care while parents take vacations and when they work.  That is the time grandparents often step in and assume the responsibility for caring for the children.

The estimate in the UK several years ago is that grandparents save parents around $806 million in terms of the GDP in childcare costs this summer, new research reveals today.

Grandparents who take care of those little ones could cost out of pocket for parents $558 million if they had to pay for it.

A study in 2010 study found that over half (60%) of the 12.5 million over 50s grandparents across the UK, equivalent to 7.5 million grandparents,regularly provide childcare for the grandchildren. Of these grandparentsproviding childcare, 50% claim these important duties increase, often substantially, during the school summer holidays in July and August, as parents rely on them to look after their grandchildren.

That's a lot of savings and help for families.

And a lot of value for having grandparents. But there is more to that value than money can buy.

The bond between grandparent and child helps teach the child the value of relationships.  It helps to shape a child's attitude toward what normal relationships are like.  The grandparent offers a view of longevity in relationships, the fact that there can be a permanence to them. And when children recognize the value of those bonds, it helps to maintain the family core., according to the experts.  And when there is stress in the family, it often helps the child maintain a sense of stability.

Grandparents also play a role in the develop of their grandchildren, as research has shown they help improve a child's intellectual functioning and their appreciation of everyday life.

There are many factors that help in shaping a happy family life.  Experts remind us grandparents are among those key factors and to be appreciated for their value.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

'Sexy' garment is clue to better, simpler life

Man's shirt, woman in it
Carol Forsloff - Watch a movie of almost any genre from almost any year, and you see the woman's sexiest garment.  For men it is mysteriously enticing and for women comfortable too, so what's else is special about a man's white shirt?  And what can it tell us about building a better, simpler life?

There are many dimensions and paths to that simple life, but a man's white shirt might be that simpler way of helping us each determine which way to go and how to think about it.

World belief: Spare rod, spoil child perpetuates negatives of human behavior

Carol Forsloff - Despite certain world differences in politics and culture, one thing many have in common is "Spare the rod and spoil the child." But is this a good thing?

This advice of how to raise children may be cited as Biblical, however it is part of the culture of peoples around the globe of different faiths and ideas.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Women who drink smarter than men who do

Men and women are always said to be debating who is smarter, but science has established that drinking patterns can help answer the question.

In fact, "he just doesn't get it" may be underlined as truth by science, something likely to be refuted by the men who read this article and look at the results of what has been found.

But it's not all good news for women, as you will find by reading the article further as well.  Still the research says women who drink liquor are smarter than men who drink.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Where are the oldest living people and what are the factors for living long lives?

Nation emblem for France
Several years ago the nation of Georgia proclaimed its citizen, Antisa Khvichava, as the oldest person in the world.  How long can the average person expect to live and what does knowing about this woman help the rest of us realize how to achieve longevity?

First of all, the evidence about the woman herself.

How to take a sudden trip so it won't upset you and others

Taking off unexpectedly
Carol Forsloff---I'd like to take a little time here and tell you about John Sullivan, whom many of you don't know but I think you would like. His story is a good one and likely can help many of you take an unexpected trip that might help when travel like it can be troublesome, as we find many things these days with world events and our personal situations. 

John left yesterday morning on a trip, and the way he did it was a surprise to his friends. But even more special were the gifts he left behind for many of us.