Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Animal rights activists up for action against animal abuse in Egyptianuniversity

Ernest Dempsey — Hardly have animal rights advocates come out of the shock of the barbarous killing of a dog in Brazil when a new case of horrific torture of dogs has been exposed, this time from Egypt.

The YouTube video shows a group of men in the premises of a building, identified as the Veterinary University of Cairo, dragging dogs with tied legs on the ground, beating them with sticks, and stomping on their legs. Dogs captured are brought down onto the ground one by one and are treated thus, while they cry out in pain. One dog gets its mouth gagged by a cloth after being dragged on the ground.

The video of cruelty to dogs in the college area has provoked anger and condemnation as it is being shared by animal rights advocates on social media. A petition has also been launched on Change.org, expressing concern to the Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Fathy Farouk and asking caring individuals to write to the Professor about the issue.

Writing on facebook about the abuse of dogs captured in the video, animal rights activist Noor Diab told that Spare Lives, Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt, is suing the veterinary university and animal activists are holding a meeting tomorrow with a lawyer.

A facebook post also points that such abuse at the veterinary university isn’t just recent. It says that animal rights activists have been asking the university for over a decade to check animal abuse but the university doesn’t listen to anyone. But now the animal rights groups will resort to action against them.

Note: The petition asks readers to be polite in their comments to the Faculty Dean (providing the email address of the professor).