Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whooming: Internet investigations offer truth about Internet deceptions

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Judith Martin---The Whooming "service" is supposed to help you identify the sources behind anonymous telemarketing phone calls. Here is just a smattering of the kinds of facts you want to know about an organization like Whooming, straight from the forums at  The names are "avatars" to protect the writers' identities.  So what has been found from the rank-and-file citizens who offer the facts from citizen investigations?

Sir Bedevere says, "The site is hosted by in the Netherlands. Leaseweb is a network very friendly to hacking, spamming, etc....I'd definitely advise people to keep away."

Resident47 replies, "On (the Whooming) site I caught some misspellings and lots of broken English, not what I would call ready-to-serve a Western market."

Internet investigators, to protect themselves and others, offer practical ways to uncover problem sites and to help other citizens determine what works and what doesn't and what might actually be a phishing scam or just a service that doesn't work.  The value of the citizen in the media is to sound the alert on matters that can impact many internet users.

There are dozens of internet sites like that are fielding thousands of complaints daily from people around the world about these junk phone calls, faxes, and e-mails. All of them give advice on how to build a strong and cost-effective defense against spam electronic communications.

We are in a war against these telemarketers. Educate yourselves, your families, and others about the fact that there are whole organizations out there in the world of communications with but one intent, to "flim-flam" people out of their money (yes, making money is what it is all about), and their peace of mind.


Judith Martin, educated and experienced as a librarian, is a representative source of helpful information and has the nose for news of true investigative reporting.  She is often the backbone journalists turn to when trying to find that tidbit of information, lost in an array of sometimes silly business.  She regular publishes for this publication, news you can use for sure.