Monday, December 23, 2013

Behind the veil, a song reflects the most beautiful love of Christmas

Kathy Songbird
Kathy Songbird
Carol Forsloff---Many of us are familiar with the singing duos of the famous deceased singers with their relatives, still alive, like Elvis Presley and his daughter Lisa, or Nat King Cole with his daughter, Natalie, or Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy.  But seldom do we see that combination between friends on Facebook or on other social media sites.  In the case of a December musical offering, it is the very example of how many ways love is shared at the holidays and other times.

The musician known as Kathy Songbird posted a song that indeed is a reflection of one person's love for another that goes beyond the ordinary.  She had met an elderly gentleman on SingSnap, a musician's site where performers sing to recorded instrumentals.   Kathy had performed the song "I've Got a Crush on You"with Jack, that elderly gentleman, some time before he died last week.  As a memorial, she has again performed the song, this time using his voice with hers in harmony.

Most of these videos on SingSnap are individually made through the site, and at various times singers combine their talents.  The result of Kathy's performance with Jack becomes a message of love that will brings tears to the eyes of those who learn the backstory of the song's production and the heart that brings it to all of us now.

Kathy Songbird is one of the more popular and beautiful songstresses of Fandalism, another site that attracts musicians throughout the world, and that includes those who play their own instruments, and those who don't, those who sing and those who don't, but all who perform music to share with everyone.  Her soaring soprano touches hearts many times. It is, however, the heart of the woman that goes beyond all that to bring this special Christmas gift.  For indeed it is a gift, to reach through the veil of death and return life to a voice we can all share, while she shares it in song.

The song is here, embedded in this article, as one of those moments that at holidays, or any day when we want to soar with the love of goodness, the song "I've Got a Crush on You" that most people could never hear again after this without thinking of how the song was made and why.

Enjoy for today and tomorrow the song, and the message of how one life touches another beyond death and across the digital world to offer all of us the highest example of what love means in all its beautiful ways.


  1. Carol I am in tears as I read this are too kind to do this. Jack was one VERY special loving to all and he loved to sing. There was hardly a day went by that he didn't give us a song or two...or sometimes three. I had so much fun singing with him over the years and I miss him so much. I do hope he heard us singing together one more time. Thank you for this are one amazing woman and I am proud to call you my friend and a sister I always wanted....

  2. Lots of heart here, regards to Carol and Kathy....and thoughts with Jack.


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