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How to meet the social needs of India

[caption id="attachment_17902" align="alignleft" width="340"]Farming is important, but so is meeting social needs of the people. Farming is important, but so is meeting social needs of the people.[/caption]

Asim Boral---India is a great country with 1.2 billion people which creates the need to upgrade the development of human potential at faster pace in this 21 st century.  The last century saw the development of the availability of modern science -technology --internet ,health system, but now it is important to do some constructive measure for India urgently with fragmented social structures suffering huge discrimination and division in the name of religion caste creed language and pluralized and polarized society living with 100 languages, six main religions, a thousand dialects and thousands of social structures with different bodies.

India is vast.  It has more than 1000 rivers, the mighty Himalayas and 3500 coastal lines . So the political parties need to change their priorities to meet the present needs of social demands.

These are some ways to do it: 

1. Decentralize power from High Command culture to state body

2. Treat every state on its social political economical need and necessity

3. Put 70% honest and performing youths in the state highest body and 30% to the old and efficient and allow the old to slowly and gracefully retire for social work needs.  Allow youth to take the state body politic to represent a viable, solid, efficient State Congress that will maintain regular contact with districts - Taluka level bodies by using a social media initiative.

4.  The State body should form a huge pool of social activities in each and every district and Taluka that will remain contacted 24/7 via actual physical contact when it is available and use the Internet to interact with the people at large that will send reports to the state body which in turn will report on all districts and Taluka to the central body of High Command by using a token remuneration to social workers.  These would be named as Social Sena.  Money can be generated by engaging these people in developing inclusive farming on an Amul Model of cooperatives and a marketing body of such Social Sena.  In just 10 acres of land one can easily generate Rs50000 to 1 lakh a month along with gas from waste.  Solar energy can be installed to meet energy needs and rain water harvesting can be used to develop water in times of crisis.   These Social Sena cooperatives can be registered as rural entrepreneurship with all profits being shared with employees on a certain percentage basis.  A certain percentage for funding the Party can be maintained, which will meet government tax liabilities plus meet the needs for a return on the actual business.  The idea is that political parties will work like entrepreneurs for generating funds.

5. These well educated Social Sena will look after all implementations of people's empowerment laws like MNREGA-RTI-RTE-FOOD SECURITY -LAND with close coordination with state authorized body like collectors , banks, labor and regulators.

6. All posts in State -District -taluka level bodies must be filled 90 % by on line election and 10 % on recommendations of all experts in different segments as advisers again on token remuneration systems. 

7. These Social Senas also can be engaged as village guards to protect the villages from all kind of anti -social activities including terrorism with close connection of Police ATS,NIA and other bodies who maintain law and order in a state.

8. Govt also give funds to each political parties for maintaining Social SENAS along with funds from Political parties --Bank can work with them for microfinannce also . 

9. The duty of the government would be to create infrastructures--for all other social needs 

If this Social Sena model is adopted for all political parties and implemented, then India can generate more than 15 crore employments in rural India . And similar models can also be generated in urban India by encouraging roof top and kitchen gardens.  Beggars can be engaged for road cleaning, house construction.  Social services should be provided in every city and town in India.

Imagine India has 6.4 lakh Villages 3000 districts --400 towns and cities.  We must know politics and political parties must solve social problems instead of exhibiting tantrums and political gimmicks.  Adopting a way to serve the physical and social concerns of the Indian people is the only way to remove corruption and discrimination, promote equality and develop human equality throughout the land.


Asim Boral

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