Sunday, December 28, 2014

What are the functions of angels in a wonderful life?

Many people believe in angels, especially during near death experiences. In fact we often associate angels with the experience of death or some life-threatening experience. They are not, however, just part of Christian theology but part of the traditions of many religions and cultures around the world.  But what are the functions of angels in the world?

Traditions around the world include angels. In fact many people believe they are all around us. Folks wonder what their role truly is. There is one theory called the "Tess" theory that comes from the television show with Della Reese where she played an angel, that God sends angels to bring truth. Others believe angels are guides.

Celebrity life coach Patrick Wanis writes about people who have had everyday encounters with angels and discusses how angels helped these people. He outlines that there are spirits assigned to guide us in times of need and to help us find our way back to God after leaving the supernatural experience to obtain worldly information. is a website devoted to exploring similarities and differences among the different religions of the world. In fact on this same website an individual can take a short test with its outcome said to help predict the person's orientation or similarity with a given faith according to a percentage of coherence with that particular religion's set of beliefs. The site also discusses what angels are, how they might appear and what they do.

According to angels are unseen and are really spiritual beings. The site discusses the fact that people say they feel the presence of something they cannot see and interpret that as being an angel. When angels do take form, it is usually in a familiar guise, according to traditions. These are some of the specifics about what happens when angels come to us in human form. In the Book of Genesis, for example, it is said that the angels who appeared to Abraham and Lot looked and dressed like ordinary folk. It is likely angels often common in human form, according to many beliefs and traditions. Hebrews 13:2 declares that we should be kind to strangers "for by so dooing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."

Angels are with us, many people believe. In fact close to 70% of Americans believe in them, according to research studies. If angels are among us, they have work to do as well, and folks believe it is assigned.

Some people also believe that those who have been close to us in life may become our special angels.  These are the guides, the spirits who know us best and therefore help us in our times of greatest need.

So whether you hear a bell that signals an angel is getting wings, as in "It's a Wonderful Life" or looking for help, perhaps an angel is right around the corner.  At least that is what many people believe.

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