Thursday, November 28, 2013

Religious business a unique India model, but no politics please

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Asim Boral--India is perhaps the most unique country in the world where Religious Business has made a significant contribution to GDP growth of the country.  Perhaps the time has now come now for economic planners and politicians to include religious business for calculating GDP along with industrial development.

Religious Business is not new, as it has been ongoing since Ramayana ages,  so it has some relevance for inclusive development of India as a unique country in the world .

The annual turnover of India's religious ceremonies and and regular turnover of all top temples of India must be more than 3  lakh crore Rupees if not more with thousands of religious places with different type of ceremonies that attract more than 70 % of our population to congregate or visit . Recently-devastated Uttarakhand State alone attracts more than six crore people annually .Millions  of people rely or depend on such ceremony to survive financially socially and politically; perhaps 12 % of populations directly rely on such ceremony to feed their family by doing and participating in so many different way right from running unique religious business model to directly connected to such ceremony including crores of Priest -Maulavis -Fathers-Jain Munis  in different religions groups.

India is changing and changing to a most modern country in the world, but I think India should not stop such religious ceremonies at the cost of modernization

Thousands of artisans ,priests ,workers ,hoteliers and their large pool of human resources depend on religious ceremonies for showcasing their business model and skills in this sector .  India lives within 14,000 years old  ofVedic culture and 2000 years of religious secularism with different religions living together in harmony .

India lives in villages and in the heart of millions of religious sentimental people .India is not the US or UK -a distinct difference in relationship to other regions of the world -an unique country with 2000 languages, four major religion --31 states - 100 different food habits with distinct tastes, but what is unique is India still lives in harmony despite creating so many polarizing with in the people by playing nasty politics by some political parties who mainly practice fanaticism,fascism ,disharmony of politics -and play vote bank politics on religion and create hatred amongst different religion people .

India should live on its own merits, and politics should not interrupt the variety that reflects different castes, creeds and languages.  India moves on and on.  Modernization must not overwhelm the culture in the sense of stopping the religious ceremonies so intimate to the culture.  It should focus on religious business as an appeal for the rest of the on their own without the entanglement of politics.   It can do this and still give modernity to this unique business with world class roads, communication and other facilities without disrupting the ecological environment.  Perhaps never again will we see such as a disaster as the one at Uttrakhand.

All religious places in India need modern world class roads ,electricity ,water almost 24/7 .India cannot neglect a religious business model any more .  It offers the truest nature of India's diversity and culture.


This article was written by, Asim Boral…….-Freelance writer from Ahemedabad ,Gujarat state of India

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