Sunday, November 17, 2013

Smart phones spread gambling, increasing business and addiction

smart phone
Smart Phone

Leanne Jenkins---Gambling addiction is like any other, difficult to break and motivated by availability, with the new media facilitating access and increased addiction, as new smart phones and other devices allow users to download casino games and play anytime and anywhere.
Global mobile gambling is predicted to be worth billions by 2018. Part of this growth is because of the live routlette games available to download directly to iPhone, iPad and other devices. Super Casino is a growing trend.

The casino experts tell us, As well as the obvious increase in smartphone penetration, this growth can also be attributed to device capability. The appearance and functionality of mobile games is improving. For example, our Super Casino mobile games can connect seamlessly to an existing online account. People can easily use their funds to place bets on the go, with just one password and username to remember. It’s also worth considering that consumers are becoming more comfortable making purchases on mobile devices, thanks to improvements in usability but also more efficient security.”  

Moderate gambling is acceptable to most people, however compulsive gambling can create problems for individuals and families. Addictive behavior itself can sometimes be transferable, ie the alcoholic abstaining from drink, for example, and using gambling as a way to gain relief from the desire for alcohol. It is the tendency towards addiction that remains the major problem in any type of compulsive use of drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping and gambling. The digital age allows for increased use and availability of gambling and shopping at the click of a mouse serves to fuel what is already a growing problem.

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