Tuesday, January 27, 2015

'Sexy' garment is clue to better, simpler life

Man's shirt, woman in it
Carol Forsloff - Watch a movie of almost any genre from almost any year, and you see the woman's sexiest garment.  For men it is mysteriously enticing and for women comfortable too, so what's else is special about a man's white shirt?  And what can it tell us about building a better, simpler life?

There are many dimensions and paths to that simple life, but a man's white shirt might be that simpler way of helping us each determine which way to go and how to think about it.

Julia Roberts in a man's white shirt  in "Pretty Woman" said a lot about the shirt and Roberts eternal good looks in the simplest of garments.  She likely looked enticing as well just dressed in the tie, but the shirt gives the mystery much more.  Yet the shirt says even more we can use to help ourselves and others.

It tells us that the simple can often be the most useful, either as an enticement or in relationships themselves.  For often we fight about money, what costs more.  But often what costs more, or is assumed to be better, may indeed not be better at all.

That's the same about a plain, white man's shirt.  It dresses the man and makes a woman have greater appeal as well for those important moments when both the man and the woman have those warm, all-over feelings of wanting to feel close and loved, attractive, even seductive, without the complications that some lacy something might have---and far less expensive with its multiple uses.

But what's important about a sexy garment for women, a man's shirt with tails a bit and an irregular hem of sorts that can tell us about ourselves and our personal direction?

It tells a story of more than romance, enticement and all the rest; although that certainly is an attraction.

It tells us further that gimmicks aren't always what folks need to get along, to do well, to move ahead, whether that's with clothing or with ideas or material things.

That old-fashioned dresser with a bit of elbow grease combined with some interesting paints can turn something drab into something wonderful with just a few tweaks here and there.  And for a piece of furniture it can be just as "sexy" as anything else in the house.

Like the plain, white man's shirt, with scantily clad bottoms and legs underneath, on a woman the cover at the top can be plain; while underneath there is something quite fine it has introduced.

It's rather like people themselves in that way, as we might be plain and simple at first glance but really special when folks learn to know us.

The simple white shirt can save money.  It tells us something inexpensive can be made quite special and is special for both sexes and sexy as well.

A simple white shirt with so many dimensions should be in every closet, for a sultry night of enchantment or a reminder that the simple things or ways we already have might turn out to be best after all.

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